Kinder School

Through creative activities, children can improve their English. Our programs are based on American programs for kindergarten schools. For our kindergarten classes, which are based on American programs for kindergartens, have a lot of different activities that will help the children develop their English while they’re experiencing those activities. In the present, First Learning Yoyogi-Uehara has 4 different classes for Kindergartens.

Features of each class

  1. Kinder Basic Children aging 3-5 years old can join our Kinder Basic class. Art & Craft, Music & Movement, Story, Group Game are the fun activities included that will help the children improve their English and think internationally at the same time.
  2. Kinder Advance Children aging 4-6 years old can join our Kinder Advance class. Based on an American Program, Art, Science, Math are the subjects that helps the children think logically and creatively. We also do Journal, Phonics and Literacy to help them express their feelings which makes the program balanced.
  3. Technology Class Children aging 4-6 years old can join our Technology Class. Children will use Ipad to learn Science-based brain Programming. Learning both English and Programming will serve as their weapon for their future. For more details, Please visit our Technology Class Page.
  4. Art Class Children aging 3-5 years old can join our Art Class. Emphasizing children’s motivation in wanting to know and learn something like Reggio Emilia’s way of thinking. Through creativity and emotional expression, they can practice their English communication skill. For more details, Please visit our Art Class Page.

Information about our classes (time schedule and amount)

  • Schedule
    • 15:15~17:15
    • 15:20~17:20
  • Age Group : 3-6 years old
  • Admission Fee:31,000yen(with tax 34,100yen)
  • Monthly Tuition Fee
    • 5 days a week:63,900yen(with tax 70,290yen)
    • 4 days a week:52,900yen(with tax 58,190yen)
    • 3 days a week:43,900yen(with tax 48,290yen)
    • 2 days a week:32,800yen(with tax 36,080yen)
    • 1 days a week:17,800yen(with tax 19,580yen)
  • Miscellaneous Fee+Insurance Fee (every 6 months) : 8,900yen(with tax 9,790yen)
  • Material Fee (every 6 months) :  11,500yen(with tax 12,650yen)

Introduction of Activities

  • Creative Art In Art class, we encourage them to think on their own, express and be creative. Art is considered as our second language. The theme is different every season, every event and every month which helps them express things differently every time and to be imaginative.
  • Science & Math In Science and Math class, children guess, predict and hypothesize things. Leading them to think logically and be imaginative through our activities. Also, with the activities fitted perfectly for each subject, they can enjoy learning and experiencing things. With these, it will widen their interests in the subjects.
  • Literacy With their own will and thinking, they will be able to express their feelings through journal by drawing and writing. We use this as our foundation of learning English literacy and on their 2nd year, they will learn phonics (the sound of the alphabets) and how the letters are connected when reading a word.
  • Group Game With our group game activities, it will help them how to socialize with other people. It will help them learn how to follow the rules and learn how to plan and think how to make strategies in order to win.
  • Circle Time After M&M (Music and Movement) and story, we have circle time which is done in a group. Sounds and rhythms are also important in studying English.